Specialist Market Research, Project Management & Field Resources for the Pharmaceutical Healthcare Sector

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Research"Having the benefit of 17 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and bringing my client and agency experience together with my market research and branding experience, I feel Reframe Research is well placed to provide you with flexible, cost effective solutions.

Reframe Research is set up to ensure that clients receive a high quality and flexible service at a fair price.

We work with the very best quality people who are specifically selected to work in partnership with our clients to provide optimal support for the research - giving you the confidence that the most appropriate research solutions are recommended in combination with first class project management.”  Heather Pollitt

At Reframe we believe that by reframing the way we think about more traditional market research techniques, insights and the piloting of new ideas can be achieved by taking fresh and innovative approaches.

Traditional market research techniques are commonplace - we go a step further to reframe the terms of reference to differentiate your brand.

We can offer research in partnership with our clients to create a dynamic that will maximise the effectiveness of an agreed solution.

Pharmaceutical Market Research

    Offering Qualitative and Quantitative Research across a wide range of  markets for both UK and Global  

    Experience - Director level researcher works and manages the job. We only use people who are committed and trust to deliver timely high quality results    

    Flexibility - Project designed around your needs and not our needs which allows us to be responsive and flexible  

    Creativity - Always looking for a different approach to thinking and looking for different solutions – integration of new thinking  

    Cost Effective - Good value for the money spent - view to building long term partners    

    Broad Spectrum - Experience of working with client and agency side -Integration of positive areas from experiences on both sides    

    Unique - We believe this combination provides a UNIQUE proposition to meet client needs in the given market conditions.

Reframe Research offers a wealth of research expertise and is dedicated and passionate about the work it does. Reframe is committed to offering excellent client service by providing you with a team of professional, highly skilled personnel delivering high quality research and analysis.